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Clock Tower Cakes Ltd in Biggleswade


                                                                                     A little bit of history..............

Clock Tower Cakes Ltd

As professional sugar craft specialists we always endeavour to use only edible decorations that are made by ourselves.

 We are very proud to say that all of the cakes you see on our website have been made by us, for special people on special days. We have a great and growing reputation for making marvellous works of art that you can eat and have many clients who return year after year.

Tel: 07522737504

My Grandfather made and decorated cakes in the 1930's 40's and 50's. Things were very different then. with rationing many of the cakes were made from cardboard boxes, decorated to look real! Of course there was only Royal Icing then, and all the flowers were piped. He would be amazed to see all the different shapes and ideas that we use now.

I started decorating cakes when I was about 14 years old, my sister-in-law took me under her wing and showed me the basics, on family Christmas cakes. ​It was great training for the years to come........


..... At 17 I trained as a professional chef in the British Army gaining valuable experience and qualifications, in all types of catering, all around the world. The standards were and still are very high, something that I have brought forward in to my own business.

Times have certainly changed since my Grandfathers day, but I like to think we give an old fashioned professional service to everyone we deal with. It is fabulous to bring great pleasure to people with something that I make with my own hands and I feel that I carry on a great family tradition....Paul x